Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Women Can Make Fire Too

Since Christmas--when I made all of my gifts and then, sadly, did not take pictures before gifting them away--I am of the belief that I can make pretty much anything.

I'm serious.

My friend, Sara, saw this skirt on NattheFatRat {right}
and I said, "Psh, I could totally make that"

My roommate found these hairclips online...
to which I said, "Seriously, I could make those"

So far, my friend Katie seems to be the only one who believes me.
She has told me--on more than one occasion--
that I should open an Etsy Shop and sell things made out of felt.
I told her I would call it Felt Needs.
{She didn't get it.}

But she did send me a picture of a felt fire
and asked if I could make it for her son's 1st birthday party.

And you know what?
I did.

Photos to come...

1 comment :

Julie Hibbard said...

This is one thing you did NOT get from me...
You are so creative and talented!! I bet your fire is going to be HOT! :)