Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Fashion Photos

For the past month, I have been drawn to neon colors.

I bought some neon pink shoes and tried a bright orange nail polish {that looked like I had colored my nails with a highlighter--too 4th grade to stick with it}
I did love the hot pink polish {which I later found out was glow-in-the-dark!}

Bright colors and bold patterns are always the first items to catch my eye in a store
and, consequently, make up the majority of my closet.

When I saw these heels on Garance Dore's blog...
Clearly, Christian Louboutins are beautiful, but bright yellows?
Get at me.

It made me think about other photos I've seen recently that have challenged my day-to-day style pairings. Not-so-shockingly, they are all from Atlantic-Pacific.

{I love combining polka dots and stripes}

{Bright yellow and purple--I'm in--adding a leather jacket? Love.}

{Love the dress...the hat? Not so much}

{Sweet pairing of yellow and blue stripes}

{Just the classiest of picnic ensembles}

{Another way to wear that stripey coat with polka dots}

{I'm not a huge fan of trousers, really...but yellow polka dot jeans? I'm in to that.}

May your Friday feel as fun as mix-matched patterns
in really summery colors!


Lisa Marie said...

She is my style icon! I am obsessed with her website! And I love the neon trend right now...

Mama.Kendall said...

Wow, lol at the hat!

Sara B said...

love how mixy and matchy she is. just like your striped top and polka dot skirt!! maybe you should wear that tomorrow :)

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