Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'll Be There For You...

This is my friend Katie.
picture circa 1995(ish)
surprisingly, neither of us are wearing overalls
{we wore overalls a l o t}

We met when I was a homesick elementary schooler
who was so homesick, I was puking in the camp bathroom...
Katie came in, found me and comforted me.

She was my small group leader in Junior High
and later became my coworker
and all along has been one of my very best friends.

We've been friends for almost 20 years!
{We're planning a 20-year vacation, of course}

We've been to dozens of camps,
on vacation to New York and Florida
attended conferences in Ohio, Illinois, Georgia, and Indiana
traveled to Kenya together several times
{our first trip was together and came to visit when I lived there}
sang along to hundreds of songs in the car,
and have written thousands of letters to one another...

here's one of the first:

It's crazy to think about how her involvement in my life has affected who I am.
I'm incredibly grateful for her.

Take a minute and write a note to someone who has impacted your life.
You'll be glad you did...and so will he/she.

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