Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A Really Great Date

At our team lunch yesterday,
we were describing great dates.
Places, not people.

I thought for a minute and came up with this:

A visit to a Museum.

And then a meal...
At a place like Bottega Louie

It may be simple.
But it seems so fun.

Others said:
Hiking by the ocean
"Anything but batting cages"
A bike ride

What's your idea of a great date?

1 comment :

Sara B said...

I love the museum idea, I'm a sucker for gelato (and most food options), I think I'd enjoy the zoo!, somewhere with a pretty view, out to breakfast then a hike, something active (SUP perhaps?) , and nothing competitive, at least not on the first date because I can't let my true personality come out that quickly.

Excited for a friend date to LACMA with you!!!