Thursday, January 05, 2012

Home Is Where The Art Is

I have been moving in to a new house.
This is not news, I know.

Since the day we moved in, I have had a one-track mind:
::: hang pictures :::

In my head, it doesn't really feel like home until there are pictures on the walls.

As of today, we are 95% done.
All of the empty boxes were broken down and stored.
The kitchen table is finally cleared of clutter!

So I thought I'd give you a peek at how it's shaping-up around here.
{the following is the result a combination of minimal lighting and even less photography skills}

• living room •

Please note the portrait of the woman by the front door.
We rescued her from the Mariners Resource Center
She is still nameless {we are taking suggestions}
for now, I've been calling her Glory
{and repeatedly asking her not to haunt our house}

board games and blankets in the gifted red chest
topped with a gifted TV
{and one more shot of "Glory"}

Inspired by Monica Geller, I have taken the cabinet doors off in all but one of my apartments.
The clock is gifted as well.

These pictures were a gift from my friend Wendy.
Three places I love: Africa, New York and London.
She hand-painted them from pictures she found online.

The black wall is our one-more-coat-required-soon-to-be chalkboard wall

my room
the frame is from my grandparents' storage
the lamp was my great-grandpa's

I hope my craft table will sit on this wall soon...
It has been in storage for three years.

I know this is probably too many pictures for one wall,
but how can I choose which to hang and which to store?
Why not just hang everything I love?
the New Yorker was a graduation gift from my dad...
it has been in every house we've lived in since I was born.
the Up picture was hand-painted by my friend Alanna {I have some talented friends}
the other two are from Urban Outfitters
{Two of my three roommates--in four years--have banished the Whale to my room...fine by me!}

not pictured: roommate's room, laundry room, back patio
I have a few more design ideas, so there are more pictures of this place on the horizon.
{Ideally, I'll figure out the lighting/camera situation before then.}


Julie Hibbard said...

I love your new home! And thank Dre for the YUMMY cobbler...

I think Glory is a GREAT name for a painted photo of a non-ghost.
Glory Hallelujah

Cathi said...

Best thing about this post? News that the craft table may be reappearing. I love that thing :)

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