Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gonna Dress You Up In My Love

I hardly ever wear pants.
This is not to say that I traipse around half-clothed
but that I choose dresses and skirts over trousers or jeans.

This all began almost three years ago.
I was moving home from Kenya
{where I had been living for seven months}
In those seven months, I wore jeans e v e r y d a y
{well, except for Sundays, when skirts are required in church}

I was anxious to get home and feel girly again.
To have the option to wear something other than the three pairs of jeans that had begun a little baggy and only grew to be more so after months of being washed in a bucket and line-dried. {There was never a worry of too tight waistlines in those days and I never had to lay on the bed to button them fresh out of the dryer.}

So, when I moved back to California, I began to
slowly but surely
replace my jeans-and-tshirt wardrobe
with a closet full of dresses

Here we are, three years later...
And I own one pair of jeans
which was worn {I think} seven times last year

In July of last year, I went to visit my dad in Cambria.
I had only packed dresses
for the trip, because why would I wear anything else?

Which was fine until the day he wanted to go hiking.
He and my brother were both pretty concerned over my choice of attire...
but it didn't stop me from
side-stepping across a pole over a stream
and then climbing over a rock to see a waterfall.

I got in the car afterward and told my dad
I would always wear a skirt when hiking.
Man it was comfortable...
and breezy.

A lot of people in my life question the comfort
{and functionality}
of dresses

Can you really move a house in a dress?

Today, on The Sartorialist, I found a kindred spirit...
Who has taken this entire thing one-step further.

Her name is Sofia.
And she only wears dresses.
However, Sofia is also a
m a r a t h o n r u n n e r

So fantastic.

I have zero desire to run marathons
but I have a pretty good feeling about
purchasing a tennis dress or two
to wear while working out

Maybe then I would enjoy exercising?

Read Sofia's interview with The Sartorialist here.


LuckyBezel said...

I don't wear jeans anymore either mostly because I feel they are for children, immature adults and the working class.

But now that you mention it, I hardly ever see women in skirts these days. Shorts yes but skirts no.

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