Monday, January 09, 2012

Do You Sporcle?

I've never really been one for video games {online or otherwise}
Until I found Sporcle

At first, it was simply a way for me to try to name all of the countries of the world in under 15 minutes {accomplished, by the way...though not as quickly as Leigh}

Then I began to venture in to other categories:*
Name the U.S. Presidents
Name the Elements of the Periodic Table
Finish the Song Lyric

Then the Harry Potter games:
Name the Top 200 Characters
Name the missing item in each group
Harry Potter Surnames

*There are also several sports games, but they don't interest me much

I purchased the app for my phone
{the free version is not really worth it}
and I lay in bed each night playing at least one or two of the recently loaded games

I know...this makes me sound like an incredible nerd.
{Harry Potter knowledge aside}
But, I would imagine, it would be equally as captivating for you

Check it out.
Let me know if there are any good games that I might be missing!

1 comment :

Julie Hibbard said...

I could more than likely play and do well in the "finish that song lyric" category provided I could stay within the boundaries of 1970 to 1990 or so.
If, perhaps, there was a Brady trivia Sporcle, I could more than likely dominate in that area as well.

You are quite brilliant and have an amazing memory. If I wasn't so proud, I might be a little jealous.