Friday, October 21, 2011

Let's Be Beautiful

Do you ever have a song that you sing over and over (and over) again
...yet, for some reason, it doesn't get old?
It doesn't lose it's value?
It's almost as if it just keeps getting better?

Several songs that carry this feeling (memory. weight.) for me are by Tim Timmons.
("The Grateful" has been in my heart so deeply and for so long it became part of my newest tattoo.)

The way that Tim loves Jesus is inspiring.
I love the way he describes leading worship as "helping people to sing their prayers"
It is challenging to pray the songs he writes.

Recently, Tim left Mariners Church to begin what he calls "The second book in the trilogy of [his] life" and made a video to share about the beginnings of this journey.

Oh man, I can't wait to hear the songs that come out of this...

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