Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Don't Want This Weekend To End.

What a full, fun {and productive} weekend.

It began strong:
I beat Dom, Matt and Mish in Catan.

I caught up on Grey's Anatomy:
completely unimportant, I know
I signed up for a 5K:
In September. Would you like to join me?
Picked up our 16 days {at least} of mail that had been taken back to the Post Office
While I was there, I received two strong recommendations to pick up my mail daily since I get a lot of mail because "people think about [me] a lot".

Then I watched these people get married:
They were the most relaxed bride and groom I have ever seen. I really like Josh and Christina...which was only confirmed as I watched the beauty in the simplicity of their wedding. No need for a giant wedding party or lots of bells and whistles; the day was about the two of them getting married...and that's what happened.

After the wedding: dinner and a movie with Katie and Ron:
Always a treat!

And finished two books before bed:

My new Sunday routine: HSM service | Lunch | Nap
I created my Kenya 2011 support letter
Went to 7pm Chapel service:
one of the highlights of each weekend
Bre wrote a ridiculous {and, of course, hilarious} song
We gathered for two games of Settlers of Catan:
three {or four} hours at this table


A few episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210:
Thanks Gina!

A good house-cleaning:
soundtrack by Madonna, George Michael and Jay-Z {they go together, right?}
Target | Staples | Starbucks
Address, stuff, stamp and seal Kenya support letters
A big gathering {with dinner and dessert} at the Edwards:
such easy, comfortable friends
And, no Monday would be complete without bowling:
I'm not sure what I bowled tonight, but I know I had fun
Finished one more book:

Now, here it is: 1am
And I really should be sleeping


iriske said...

that is very nice!!

Josh(ua) Treece said...

Can I just say that, after reading this post, I am totally remembering and missing hanging out with you! SUCH a fun weekend! I wish I could just pop over to CA and play a game of Catan with you guys!

Julie Hibbard said...

I recently had to go to the post office to pick up all of my mail too. The move coupled with the fact that this apartment's mailbox holds exactly two letters, had all my mail waiting patiently for me at the post office.
As the woman handed me the very large bundle (wrapped in three rubber bands which reminded me of Nana) she said, "You're a very popular girl, Julie Hibbard".
Obviously, so are you, Allison Hibbard.
Love your productivity level. It's second only to your mother's.

Margie said...
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Margie said...

I absolutely adore Roald Dahl. My childhood favorite. I have read all of his books many, many times.

About the 5K, I wanna run with you!! When, where, and how much?