Monday, February 28, 2011

I Had Not Intended To Write An Entire Post About The Oscars

I work Sunday evenings...we have a 5pm High School service, so band practice begins at 2. Small Groups are from 6-7 and the Student Center closes around 8. Oh, and then we have a Dave Ramsey class at our house from 8-10. Needless to say, I missed the Academy Awards last night.

I really love the Academy Awards. As I was growing up, we had parties at our house to watch the show and I have watched every year since (even last year when I did not have TV...thank you Rachel J!)

This year, I had planned ahead: I recorded everything. And I mean everything: The Show, the Red Carpet Show, the Pre-Red Carpet Show...about 5 1/2 hours of Oscars television.

I had also planned not to check any Twitter or Facebook feeds until I had watched the entire show; I didn't want a moment to be spoiled.

It should be noted: I want to watch every second of the show. I do not want to fast-forward...even through the acceptance speeches given by the winners of Documentary Short Subject or Sound Mixing. (Well, this is not completely true; I will fast-forward through the re-cap of the awards given on other nights.) I don't want people to talk over it. I really want to watch it all. (I don't care this much about other Award shows, but for some reason, I love the Oscars.)

One thing they have added in the last year or two (which I really appreciate) is the announcement during the winner's from-seat-to-stage-walk: "This is the first win and second nomination for _________. His first nomination was in ____ for _________." For years, I can remember our party of viewers asking one another: "Is this her first award?" or "Wait, didn't she win a few years ago? She didn't? Was she nominated?" I love that The Academy has chosen to help us out.

Also, I'm so happy for Colin Firth. It makes me want to write him a letter and express how proud I am of his accomplishment. Seriously, I just might.

It should also be noted: I did not just sit on my tushie all day. Post-Tivo-clean-up, I cleaned my entire kitchen (including the stove-top), vacuumed everywhere (including all of the couch cushions and underneath the over-stuffed chair)--which, is more than likely, completely O.C.D., but it does make me less grossed-out about touching my face to the couch.


Julie Hibbard said...

This was the first year--THAT I CAN EVER REMEMBER--that I did not watch the awards. As I sat in an airport, twice delayed in Phoenix, I thought of all the many parties we had on Oscar night and was bummed to have missed every single minute.
I was OH so happy for Colin tho! (LOVE him in Love Actually!)
Thank you for taking me to see The King's Speech!
Tho delayed by several hours, I am so glad you got to enjoy every minute of the awards.

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