Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good (Valen)Times

Tonight, one of my small group girls held a Valentine's Dinner for our small group. It was totally her she put the entire thing together top to bottom. What a fun night it was!

8 of the 13 girls showed up (it was formal for a few schools). Ryanne had made chicken, asparagus, a vegetable medley and mashed potatoes (from scratch) for dinner. She also made pink frosted cupcakes with little candy hearts on each one. Delicious.

But, she didn't stop there: she'd also decorated the entire living room: heart chain streamer, paper bag "Be Mine"...and a circle made of pillows as the dinner table. She'd printed questions for a dinner game, too.

She was so excited to open her home to us...and I am so proud of all that she did to make us feel so welcome and cared for. Once most of the girls left, we did little things to entertain ourselves...the girls had never seen this mirror trick before and were so delighted by the genius of it. (easy crowd)
I love, love my small group. I love that they love each other, too.


Eeshie said...

You are invited to follow my blog :)

raglandfamily said...

Ah, the good ol' mirror trick...brings me back to hours spent after school hanging in my bedroom with friends...