Saturday, January 01, 2011

Alright, Alright, Back To Work.

I start back to work tomorrow. After having an entire week off, I'm not sure my brain (or my body) is ready to go back to the office.

I've spent at least 80% of my vacation on my couch. Covered in a blanket, sitting by the fire, I watched movies (a few off of the AFI Top 100 List) and TV on DVD (mostly Veronica Mars and Friday Night Lights), and read a few books (The Hunger Games series).

Oh, and I ate food...and drank a lot of orange juice. (I mean, have you tasted orange juice? Because it's good.)

The other 20% of my time was spent visiting with friends who came to town for the holidays. Or shopping at Target for household organization systems. Or putting the aforementioned systems to use in my room.

0% of my time was spent making lists (well, outside of shopping lists or 'to read' lists), thinking through minuscule details of events, or preparing for the 2011 ministry year.

Those things begin tomorrow...and, let me tell you, I like my job, but I really like time-off. I love taking a shower at 3 in the afternoon. I love reading a book from 10-1. I love eating crackers and apples for lunch simply because that's what was in the cabinet and it was no additional cost.

We are jumping back in full-force: I'm leading worship at Storytime in the morning (our all-staff Tuesday morning meetings) AND we'll have a new High School Pastor starting tomorrow! (well, technically, as of yesterday.)

I'm excited, but I'm also sleepy just thinking about it.
Hope there's lots to blog about in 2011.


Julie Hibbard said...

I worked SIX days in December and never got up before 7:30 on ANY of those other 25 days. I actually learned to LOVE sitting in my jammies til 10am! I watched movies, read books, made pancakes, cozied up by the's been heaven!
And here I am at 4:51am...back to reality today.
Actually, I'm kinda ready.
I know you are too.

Colleen said...

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