Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm Just Being Honest

I have the best of intentions when it comes to this blog...but I just can't keep up with my daily posting.

I intended to post about pumpkin carving...but did not.

I intended to post pictures of all of the home improvements we've made recently, but I have not.

I'm trying to practice the discipline of doing only what God wants me to do, not what others expect me to do...and that (for me) is a very difficult thing to do...

This blog, at least in my head, feels like something I would do because it's expected of me...not because I have so many important things I want to say or because I love the consistent place to write my thoughts and feelings.

And so, I haven't been posting.
Maybe I'll pick it up again soon...but only if it becomes something that helps me to breathe, instead of causing me to feel pressure.


Joel (UrbanExpo AKA Expo) said...

I feel exactly the same sometimes about posting. Hahaha.

Konayuki Freeze said...

i agree! haha

BrotherGee said...

A More Fruitful Way to Spend Your Time:

The New Call

All Love,

~ g