Saturday, May 22, 2010

Flower the People You Love

**this lack of internet in my house is becoming a real hassle. Apologies for the lack of posting, I really do think I was returning to my old routine of frequent posting**

For two weeks of the last month, I have stayed with my friend Amanda while her husband was out-of-town. I packed a suitcase, lived in their house, ate all of my meals for's a pretty sweet gig, if you ask me.

Evidently, Amanda didn't think these perks made it worth my while. So, early last week, I walked back to my desk after a meeting and found these:

Two dozen red roses, each tagged with one thing Amanda loves about me.

What a very kind, thoughtful friend...

These have been a beautiful addition to the desk I pretty much destroyed this week at work. It was so cluttered, Jared couldn't find the giant Ziploc bag of pins. (More on the projects that led to this chaos this week.)


PETE Di LALLO said...

two dozen things eh?

Julie Hibbard said...

First off, GREAT title...and what a great idea...what a great friend. You are seriously such a blessing to so many people, Allison.
Especially me.