Thursday, April 22, 2010

How Will You Lead Today To Create A Better Tomorrow?

This jump back in to blogging would be easier if:
1) I had a mental dictation-application that could write down the highlights of what my brain thought over the course of this week so I could catch you up to speed with greater efficiency.
2) I believed that people would read lengthy posts...I'm trying to give you the Reader's Digest version of gigantic things that I'm learning and wrestling with...which is causing me to be both overwhelmed at the idea of condensing and semi-uninteresting because many of the small idiosyncrasies are being lost in the self-editing.
3) I knew more about the destination of my long, elaborate, gigantic adventure God is taking me on right now.

I guess there are four important pieces to note:
1) God is in process of preparing me for something
2) I know this "something" is centered around human trafficking
3) Everyday God is revealing a little bit more about what that means, where it is and who is involved.
4) I can't explain how I know, but when I meet someone or hear about something that plays a role in the "something", I just know it...and I'm keeping record of the dates on which these nouns {people, places or things} present themselves.

In all of this, I have been wrestling with both God and myself.

I'm frustrated about waiting. And I'm frustrated with my inability to wait.
I want to move and take action and fight this injustice.
In my head, every minute I'm not kicking down doors and taking children in to safe spaces is a moment that I'm allowing more damage to be done. {This is not what fills my head 100% of the time, but it's definitely not 1% of the time either.}

Today {at the Catalyst West Coast Conference}, God spoke to me. Directly to me. Twice.

I began to cry, silently in my seat, when Andy Stanley said, "Your dreams will never be any bigger than what you believe is possible." I knew God was talking to me.

Okay God, I've been limiting your plans...I get it...I'm ready to think BIG.
But where do I even begin?

And again, He answered, when Dallas Willard said {to an auditorium filled with people, but he could have said, Hey Allison}, "Do the next right thing you know to do. It's that simple." my humanity, I am in such a rush.
I'm missing the beauty and weightlessness that comes in the preparation.

I am hoping to spend some time in the morning, pre-Donald Miller session, unpacking more of what's happening in my brain...and what the "next right thing" is.

I can't wait to see what God teaches me tomorrow.

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Julie Hibbard said...

I can't wait to see where the adventure will lead you. I love how much you trust God...amazing.
I love you.