Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Ken-ya Feel The Love?

I have some friends that are headed to Kenya...

My friend LV, who works for Catalyst Conference, landed this morning and will be blogging about his visits to many of the Compassion projects in Kenya. You can read his posts HERE...and be praying for him.

A HUGE team from Saddleback {26 students and 8 leaders} are headed to Kitale first thing tomorrow morning. I'm not sure if they will be blogging while they are there, but I do know they will be working hard to provide some memorable moments of sincere childhood for the children of Kitale. {I cried saying goodbye this afternoon...wishing, so badly, that I were going with them}.

Here is their trip itinerary, if you would like to pray for them over the next twelve days:

Day ONE & TWO: (3/4/10 & 3/5/10) Travel to Nairobi then on to Kitale
Pray for safe travel to Kenya. Pray for rest and the preparation of our hearts for ministry. Pray that all goes smoothly with the logistics.

Day THREE: (3/6/10) Travel to Kitale and ministry at the KITALE PRISON
Pray for our team as we minister to the prisoners of the Kitale prison. Pray that these prisoners would hear and accept the message of Jesus Christ. Pray for our team as we minister to the prisoners of the Kitale prison.

Day FOUR: (3/7/10) Church and Orphanage
Please pray for our team as we experience “Kenyan Church.” Pray that we are an encouragement to those ministering each week to the people of Kenya. Pray that we find new ways to partner with these churches. Also, pray for our ministry to the boys in the orphanage.

Day FIVE: (3/8/10) First Day of Camp
Please pray for our team as we prepare camp for kids and teenagers. Pray for good connections, good conversation, and for camp to go according to God’s plan. Pray for our partnership with Oasis of Hope. Pray for the kids at camp to have open hearts to the message of Jesus Christ. Pray for the students on our team who are teaching, singing, leading and counseling the kids. Pray that we would be open to ministering outside of our comfort zone.

Day SIX: (3/9/10) Camp
Pray that God would give opportunities to our students to share their personal faith with a camper. Pray that we wouldn’t miss any opportunities to share Jesus. Pray that God would make an impact on lives through our team.

Day SEVEN: (3/10/10) Camp
Pray for protection from exhaustion and the enemy as we wrap up our last day of camp. Pray that our team would have courage and be bold in sharing their faith with the kids of Oasis of Hope. Pray for the team leaders today. Pray for the teachers of Oasis of Hope that they would continue the mission of bringing kids to Jesus Christ.

Day EIGHT: (3/11/10) Ministry at Discover to Recover
Pray for the strength and the spirit of our team. Pray that God would help us to be bold in our conversations with the kids affected or infected with HIV Aids.

Day NINE: (3/12/10) Work Projects at Oasis of Hope
Pray for our last day of ministry. Pray that we would stay focused as team and that fatigue would not set in. Pray that we would make the most of our last day at Oasis of Hope.

Day TEN & ELEVEN: (3/13/10 & 3/14/10)
Pray for safe travel back to Nairobi and then back to the US. Pray that we adjust well spiritually emotionally, and physically. Pray that God would continue to work in our hearts after we return. Pray that we would continue to remember and reflect our journey in Kenya. Pray for protection from sickness and fatigue.

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Julie Hibbard said...

I promise I will pray for them every single day! I know they will be asked MANY MANY times, "Do you know Allison?"
Oh I love you.