Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things Your Mother Should Have Taught You: Lesson 3

You need to replace your toothbrush at least every three months...
when the bristles become bent or broken
after you have been sick

You should clean your toothbrush frequently...

You might choose to:
soak it in Listerine for 30 seconds
soak it in boiling water for a minute or two
put it on the top rack of the dishwasher {which actually makes me gag to think about...I would never use that toothbrush again...but, if you feel comfortable putting your toothbrush in with pieces of old food and then putting it back in your mouth, be my guest.}


Julie Hibbard said...

Toothbrushes are ALWAYS on sale at Target...sometimes they are FREE with a tube of toothpaste. I replace mine about once a month.

One more thing you can learn from your mother:
After washing the OLD one--it's a GREAT tool for cleaning small appliances, for getting the grime around the bathroom sink, for cleaning jewelry and so much more!

PS Your dad used to clean the rims of the Saabs with a toothbrush. I have a feeling that's not something you do...

Gina said...

I'm not too sure about the dishwasher one. I put my sponges in the dishwasher to clean them, but not my toobrush. I agree with your mom, clean the counter with the old one and buy a new one. They aren't very expensive.

Lisa Marie said...

How often should you change your sheets? My friends and I are currently consumed in an ongoing debate about this....