Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hoping For a Nice Night Sleep In A Drainpipe

I was looking at the links that have brought people to my blog...and I noticed one was
I clicked on the link to check it out and found my name at the top of their Blogs list.
Evidently it is a list of blogs that have mentioned this Glamping website, in hopes of convincing other campsites to advertise through their site.

What are the odds this might get me closer to a stay in these Austrian drainpipes?
Seriously...I would love to stay there.

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Garri said...

Thanks again for mentioning our Go Glamping site.

Couple of points:

1. You're at the top of the list because it's alphabetical!

2. People join our site not because bloggers link to us but because our site attracts the attention of mainstream media.

3. We don't need to 'hope'