Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I Can Show You The World...

My New Year's Resolution each year for the last four years has been to be smarter.
I have accomplished this goal all four years simply by Googling whatever conversation topic ends with "I don't know" or "Hmmm..." or "I've always wondered that!"

This year, so far, I have Googled very little...I've been busy learning the countries of the world.

Here are a few screenshots to mark my progression.
{The green are those that I named, the red are those that were filled-in once time ran out}

Sometime last weekSunday
There are probably very few reasons I would ever need to know how to spell {and, roughly, place} 195 countries in under 15 minutes...but, mark my words, I will be able to do it before the month is out.


Julie Hibbard said...

SO impressed...wow!

Lisa Marie said...

What does being smart mean?

Gina said...

I could name the United States, Canada and maybe France. Bravo Globey!!