Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 20 Pictures of 2009

I was trying to get it down to the Top 10, but by the time I was looking through February, I was already it was a stretch to narrow it to 20.

I've done my best to link each photo to the blog post {stories, memories, lives} attached to it, in hopes that you who are interested might read more and even look at the other pictures from that day.
This was New Year's Day 2009...oh, the Eldoret Express
{pictured here: Andrew and Daina}Teaching the Class 8 boys {who are now awaiting acceptance in to Secondary School!}
Martin, Stone, Justus and their teacher
Kamau's first day in House 3...
{Joseph, Kamau and Anthony}
Taking Benja to the Kitale Club Pool
My Ringworm...and the Poem it inspired.
Emmanuel. The once-malnourished, then-obese, no- darling baby boy
{pictured with Tanya}
Oasis of Hope Camp {Day 3}
The first day Oasis was in the new building!
Oh man, did I cry that day.
My first day home from Kenya...spent with three of my best friends
{the picture is blurry, but the excitement is not lost}
So many nights in the alley are represented by this one picture.
The White Trash-poline. So classy. So fun.
In keeping with the's how we began Fourth of July weekend.
Yep, I rode a kid's motorcycle...and was pretty terrible at it.
I ran two PDYM conferences this year.
This is from the final night of the Student Leadership Conference.
I love Dom.
I spent a ton of time with the Mariners' College Ministry.
Me and Kayla at the RA Bowling Night...
My first day of work at Mariners resulted in my first black eye.
The Fall brought another trip to Kitale...and with it, more adventures.
A clinic with Sister Freda, her staff and Richard.
I love Benja.
We had a HUGE dinner at the Girl's House on our last Friday night...
even Lucy, Erica and Peter came by to eat.
The Street Boy's Tour of Kitale.
Probably the best day of 2009.
Our very last day in Kitale.
Spent with my favorite humans on the planet.
So they get two pictures from that day.
10-second timer...Bre and I laughed so hard

I've had a really, really, really great 2009.
Here's hoping 2010 is just as memorable.


Julie Hibbard said...

Love these pictures...I couldn't have narrowed it down much more either. Sweet Benja just makes me smile so much...
What a happy and rewarding year you had.

raglandfamily said...

What a great year!You're so lucky! here's to another wonderful year!