Monday, December 07, 2009

My Christmasy Day

This afternoon, I received a text saying "lunch and cookie making for a rainy afternoon...come over and bring four eggs".

So, I did.

Amanda baked from scratch sugar cookies and frosting, a Martha Stewart recipe.

We cut the dough with two cookie cutters, both Halloween shapes that Amanda re-purposed to be "The Ghost of Christmas Past" and the "Holiday Kitty".

Once they were baked, Amanda brought out fresh paintbrushes so the kids didn't have to use knives.

We painted candy canes, ghosts, kittens and {after we broke off the cat's head} a few brontosauruses. Oh, and two Christmustaches.
After naptime, it was time to see Santa.
Molly and Scotty were so happy about the visit.
After dinner and a quick train ride, we went back to the house for a Phinneas and Ferb marathon...

It was a day filled with people and things that I love.


Julie Hibbard said...

What a delightfully delicious day!
So fun and so yummy! I love a rainy day filled with the smell of Christmas cookies...and I love a family who believes in the JOY of Santa--Even through the fears and tears...
(those make the best pictures anyway!)

Lisa Marie said...

This is random, but what mascara do you use? Your eyelashes always look so great.

Love, your creeper friend Lisa