Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Camp Tahquitz

Today the High School Team {and Phil, the JH Pastor} visited our new camp. Camp Tahquitz {pronounced like "too legit Tahquitz"}

We walked around to see the grounds, cabins and the rest of the facilities...to brainstorm all of the groups we could bring up in the future.

We also worked really, really hard not to fall on the ice.
Most of the afternoon, Jeff walked ahead of everyone with the camera rolling, in case anyone fell.

Jared was close here.Jeff was pretty close to falling...but the closest call was Tim.
The current door on Gene's office...feels a little psycho ward, right?
Gene gave Tim this souvenir...we named him Harry Rimmer.

Before we left, we walked through the temporary offices. My favorite part was the alphabet on the wall...which included X for eXtinct dinosaur.
We talked and laughed {and chattered in the freezing cold} through most of the day.
It's a great camp...and a really great team...coupled with dinner and Christmas light-looking with the Maguires, it was a fun Tuesday.

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b.hurst said...

wow, eXtinct dinosaur was the best they could come up with? was it all animals? must have been all animals...