Wednesday, November 25, 2009

12 Days Later

It's been 12 days since I've posted here.

12 Days ago I was still in Kitale.
I had some boxes in my new home, boxes at my dad's, tubs at my mom's, and a storage unit.

I now sleep in my new place {the boxes still exist}, the stuff from my dad's is now in my living room...I have fewer dresses at my mom's, but still an equal number of tubs...and my storage unit will only be more full come Friday.

I also went back to work at Mariners. I really love it.

It was so fun to think about going back to work to see my to know that many of these friends have been in my life for around 5 months, but have become so dear to me in that time.

It was fun to be welcomed back. To be embraced in to their community.

This post is mediocre, at best, but I felt as though I should post something.
More to come...


Julie Hibbard said...

I am sure the combination of jet lag/time changes/multiple moves/refrigerator deprivation/Kitale withdrawals/new job/new home/etc/etc/etc has been a lot to overcome in 12 days.
One day at a time. Stay calm and breathe and do a little bit every day. As far as the tubs at my house--no problem at all. I have lots of room and they are so organized, they make my garage look good!
I love you.
Welcome back. Welcome home.
Enjoy your new/old life!

b.hurst said...

glad you're back!