Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Perfect Day

I've been eating one piece of Dove Dark Chocolate every day since we've been here...

The other afternoon, the "Dove Promise" inside the wrapper was:

Dove + Friends + Shopping=A Perfect Day

I said, "That would not be my perfect day".

Then it became a discussion...what three things would make up your Perfect Day?

I said:
A walking city + lots of laughter + some good kissing

Bre said:
A sailboat + great company + good food

So...we put it to you...what three things make up your perfect day?


Julie Hibbard said...

A great meal+
good music +
a beautiful man who thinks I'm amazing =
lots of kissing on my perfect day.

Katie Hunt said...

A wonderfully long pedicure
+ a delicious cupcake
+ cuddling in front of a fire with hubs sipping soy hot cocoa

TS Harrison said...

a baseball game + the girl + laughter = perfect day

racheld said...

yummy food + great shopping + favorite friends = perfect day