Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Put Your Two Cents In

This morning I was thinking: I hardly comment on blog posts anymore.
Then I was thinking: I hardly receive comments on my blog posts anymore.

I wonder why?

Here are my conjectures:
  • Most people read a surplus of blogs through a subscription manager and are too lazy to click multiple times simply to write something witty {this is my primary excuse}
  • There are too many posts to be read in one day...barely enough time to read/skim each of them, and definitely not enough time to comment
  • Many blogs are read out of courtesy or expectation to the writer as opposed to desire or enjoyment of the reader, so a comment is too much to ask
  • Posts are surface-level {possibly out of the writer's felt need to post something everyday}, so no comment is evoked
Though, this seems backward in thinking, I'm going to ask anyway.
What keeps you from commenting?


Julie Hibbard said...

Google Reader. WAY too much work to click, double click, click again, comment and then ATTEMPT to go back to the spot you were at in Google Reader.
The DAY Google Reader allows you to comment without having to do all the click outs, is the day the comments will return.
Of course, I like to comment on yours as often as possible...you're worth all the clicking. :)

neely said...

the pressure to be original or witty...usually I am neither.

and on your blog...my fear of my poor grammar being exposed to you.

Gina said...

I agree with Neely. I am so afraid of spelling something wrong and then being the subject of your next blog.

Scott and Katelyn said...

I'm a slacker. Plus there is really no way to just let someone know you read it but have nothing to say.

PETE Di LALLO said...

Nice work making those who read you feel guilty...
I'm semi forced to comment even tho my comment is much like Neely, Gina, Scott and Katelyn...
I will do my best to appreciate and comment in the future because I like you...

TS Harrison said...

even now i feel like I have little to nothing to imput. or that my humor or tone wouldn't come across correctly. or that i would just sound like an idiot.
i almost wish the days of being annoymous were still here.