Monday, July 20, 2009

Think, Think, Think

Three days in a row I've opened a new post and written nothing.

I've been in a thinking/listening/logicizing period. Post-conference (granted, it's been three days) I've had a little more mental freedom to embrace what that means and to really begin to sit and listen to God without a task-list or countdown in the background...and have had some interesting conversations and experiences this weekend that have only raised more questions without bringing any resolution.

I'm not frustrated or fearful in this process. I'm actually excited to be forced to listen to and wrestle with God's directions. However, with all that's happening in my head, I can't bring myself to write a review of Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince (unbelievable) or post about the new dresses I bought (4 of them...each with pockets...really cute).

And yet, I can't seem to formulate a full sentence, let alone a full description of what I'm thinking about.

And so I've been post-less for a few days.

1 comment :

TS Harrison said...

Thanks for the education on the word logicizing.
And I'm sure once your words formulate they'll be profound, entertaining, or just interesting. So don't worry I'll/we'll still be following you. (On my blog reader of course...not in a creepy sort of way).