Monday, July 13, 2009

Sheer Brilliance

I love this: The Uniform Project.

This girl, Sheena, has committed to wearing the same dress everyday for 365 days. {To be fair, she has 7 of the same dress--which was custom-designed by friend}...but still, to wear the same thing twice in a month is an issue for some...

I was intrigued by the concept, but even more so when I saw the pictures...{I'm not super smart, took me a while to figure out how to look at the "dailies"...there is a calendar to the right, click on each date to see her look of the day.}

She has some great style and creativity to make such great, individual outfits out of this same dress.

My favorite part?
She's doing it to raise money for and awareness about the education of street kids in Mumbai, India...through an organization called Akanksha.

Now, I can not attest to the credibility of this organization, but there is something compelling about this project: imagine the interest she will have from this the fashion community, even from web-traffic alone. For sake of argument, let's say hundreds of people read this...and are looking at the dress, looking at the Foundation's site...even if they never give one cent, at least they are aware that some children in India are facing educational and financial hardships.

I love that this girl is joining something she believes in {education in India} with something that she loves {fashion}...there is so much education happening here in America as a result.

Granted, I have a soft-spot for street kids...but I am so proud of Sheena.


BUM said...

And I'm proud of you. Love ya'....Bum

raglandfamily said...

love this!

Steve Rutenbar said...

I once wore the same underwear at camp for a week...but I WOULD soak in the lake at night....Allie...LOVE from Uke-nation...