Friday, July 03, 2009

Open Up My Head And Let Me Out...

There's so much to say...and no photographs to support any of it.

I spent Tuesday canoeing* down the Colorado river:
17 miles. 9 hours in a canoe. 117-degree weather. 1 guy taken to the hospital for kidney failure caused by dehydration.

And lots of laughter. {though very little in response to my witty remarks like "canoe hand me a water bottle?"...get it?}

We camped out on the beach, under the stars, in 97-degree evening weather.

I'm amazed at how similar a college ministry camp is to a Jr. High camp. Equal amounts of "drink water", "put on sunscreen", "don't swim across the busy lake, you'll be killed by a boat".

For as many times as I said, "Camping? What did I get myself in to?" I totally loved it and look forward to the next trip.

*this is a link to to prove that canoeing is a it, blogger.

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Julie Hibbard said...

'Canoe' hand me a water is classic. It's right up there with 'I have a Dayton Ohio" and "Isotope Manny will be playing on Friday night"

In your words, EAT IT if you can't understand brilliant humor.