Friday, July 31, 2009

99 Thoughts For Youth Workers

My friend, Josh {we call him Griff},
from, wrote a book!It's called 99 Thoughts for Youth Workers.
Oh yes, this is a link to the book on
where it will be available beginning August 8th.
{For some reason, my finding it on makes it so much cooler
than if I were to see it in a bookstore...}I was standing with him in the office yesterday when
a box of his books was delivered...He gave me a copy {so nice of him} and I,
of course, made him sign it...because what's fun about writing a book if you don't get to sign it for people?!
I think the pressure of writing an inscription made him more nervous than anything else...notice he didn't leave enough room for the signature?
Griff, I'm super proud of you and excited for your future {side}career as an author! I'd even buy a book about Star Wars, if you wrote it.

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