Monday, June 22, 2009

Where My Girls At?*

This morning I'm realizing that I have an aversion to women.
Not that I hate them, I just have a tough time with Girl things...which also sounds misleading...

It's the terminology that changes things:

I love getting my nails done. (I hate calling it a mani/pedi)
I love going shopping. (I hate when someone calls it "retail therapy")
I love high heels. (I hate the term "peep-toe")

Though, I really can't stand when things become a "Girl's Event"...

Tell me we're all going to the pool and then watching a movie...I'm in.
As soon as it becomes "Girl's Day!"...I'm going to tell you I'm busy.

I can't explain it...It's just the way it is.
*I wish I could articulate my feelings about that line...


Julie Hibbard said...

Gina and I had this SAME conversation yesterday when we were at the baseball game!
I HATE when someone asks me if I want to go out for a "girls' night"...what the hell? How about just the normal, "do you want to meet us for dinner?"

Oh the sweet apple does not far far...

Gina said...

I say, hang a sign on the fort that says, NO BOYS ALLOWED!! I hate "girls night" as well. And when I get a mani/pedi, I only get the pedi and say I got my toes done. I also hate, "Hey Girlfriend!!!" I makes me think of someone who has long, airbrushed fingernails. I also hate that you are grammer checking this run on sentence. However comma I do love you girl!!