Monday, May 18, 2009

Brando and Bando...

This afternoon, after singing at Mariners Beachside, I had a tasty lunch at Latte Da, had my car washed, cleaned my entire room, made a second Kenya picture collage...and watched "A Streetcar Named Desire"...That Blanche...she sure is nutso cabana.But handsome.
He's so cute as a young man.
The plan was to watch "Rear Window" too (2 in one day would be a huge step forward), but instead I went to the Witts. The 5 of us (Phil, Zack, Jonathan, Ryanne and I) had Chipotle (with a side of earthquake) and then played a really fun game of Bando.

Jonathan really balked my idea of stacking...he really thought I had made a poor decision with the two cylinders and the sphere. I showed him.
Zack's beginning structure
Seriously...this game is fun.
Jonathan's tower
Ryanne's start

Phil's won for height, though his was the first to topple.
Ryanne is concerned with Zack's placement...
As was everyone else with my architectural skills.
Jonathan is a concentrated Bando player
Note the chalice and egg in Phil's mouse trap

Watching the next move...
This is how long the one move took

I wish this picture weren't blurry since the faces are so priceless
Yikes, right?

Mine was the next to fall...and then Jonathan

Three or four more pieces and then Zack's Ryanne is the winner.
And finish the night with an episode of Gilmore excellent Sunday.

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Mama Oasis said...

I love Mariner's Beachside....often go on Sunday morning...wish I had known you were singing!