Monday, May 04, 2009

because seven EIGHT nine

I was tagged by Sue (and am so excited because I was sort of sad I wasn't tagged last time...She also tagged Mish, and I can't wait to see her answers!)

8 TV Shows I Enjoy:
Veronica Mars
Grey's Anatomy
How I Met Your Mother
One Tree Hill
Gilmore Girls
The Office
30 Rock

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
Won a game at a wedding shower
Welcomed a Kenyan friend to America
Ate one cupcake, two brownies and a chocolate covered strawberry
Stood in Manolo Blahniks for about 10 hours
Helped about 40 kids break 2 pinatas
Read a book at Starbucks
Bought season 5 of Seinfeld at Target
Laughed with Chris and Dan in the Spain's garage

8 Favorite Foods:
Wahoo's chicken burrito (a la carte, flamebroiled chicken, only cheese, add rice and black beans)
Claim Jumper California Citrus Salad (romaine lettuce, add chicken, no avocados)
Mustard Cafe Create-Your-Own Sandwich (baguette, roasted turkey, honey mustard, goat cheese)
Taco Bell bean and cheese burrito (no onions)
McDonald's chicken nuggets (sweet and sour sauce)
Pizza Hut cheese pizza (original crust)
Funfetti Cupcakes (with Rainbow Chip frosting)
Chocolate Chip cookies (preferably made by Amanda)

8 Things I Look Forward To:
Going back to Kenya (all 8 could be about this...seeing faces, hearing laughter, hugging tiny kids, playing football with P.I.G...)
Decorating my own house
Reading a good book
Drinking a coffee
Comfortable conversation with new friends
Falling in love

8 Things I Wish For:
Plane tickets and some money for Kenya
A giant tattoo
A Louis Vuitton carryall bag
The ability to play an instrument
A dude that will love me and love Kenya...and make me laugh...preferably with a big beard and stripey sweaters
Swahili fluency
A nice camera to take to Kenya
A home to paint and decorate...and have people over

I tag Stacie, Stephanie and Katelyn

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