Friday, April 10, 2009

If You're Bored Then You're Boring...

I'm so bored of all of the music on all of my computers.

I click SHUFFLE SONGS and I skip 10-15 songs before I find one that I don't mind listening to...then I click through 10 more before I find another...

Even in the car...nothing on the iPod that I really want to listen to.

I need some musical refreshment...
Can you help with this?

To whom should I be listening?


ali said...

here's a list of some stuff you should listen to:

she & him
right away, great captain!
manchester orchestra
the new copeland cd, you are my sunshine


raglandfamily said...

I've been listening to "Lily Allen-its not me its you" and the new Paramore cd, also...still on the "twilight" soundtrack....6 months later! Send me your e-mail and I'll send you some songs!

Julie Hibbard said...

not Harvey Danger for sure...
The Fray's new album is great!
(Most of) The Killers' new album is great!

John Legend

I do the same with my iPod lately. I've started to delete a whole lotta stuff!

racheld said...

Well to thank you for one of my favs(Gotta have you) from last year here are my list of current favs...yes they are individuals I rarely love a full cd...

From the vault:
John Mayer - Comfortable
Fleming & John - Ugly girl
Ray LaMontagne - Hold you in my Arms
The National - Fake Empire
Shawn McDonald - Open Me

Dang I meant to give some new to balance my "from the vault" section but oh well...hope one of the above entertains you!

Tony Guerrero said...
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Tony Guerrero said...

Frankly, most "Pop" music has high probability of becoming "boring" simply because it involves so much repetition - from the beat, to the chord sequences, to the lyrics. Not knocking it - its just a fact: excessive repetition breeds familiarity breeds boredom.

So, I have two styles of music I listen to when I start to get "bored" of my library.

Jazz - because every performance is "alive" and improvised, and very little repeats, so the same recording over and over can still give you plenty of new and even unexpected things to latch on to.

Classic Rock - because songs that have become "classics" are classic for a reason - they stand the test of time and become more like an old friend than just another song.

Then again, you can just listen to all my music. That's a good idea too. :)

Gina said...

How about Hannah Montana's new one, The Climb???? Totally great song.

TS Harrison said...

- rocco deluca and the burden
- derek trucks band
- andrew bird

um...i'm sure there's more but all i can think of at the moment.
of course the new U2...

Charles said...

how about EYE ALASKA go to my space etc google them they r good