Wednesday, December 03, 2008

S'il Vous Plaît

Dear Sir,
Do you want to be my boyfriend?
I will let you.
Seriously, you are French, you have a killer beard, and great style.
Give me a call...


PETE Di LALLO said...

Are you serious?
this guy looks like a mutt!

dianasaur said...

j'aime les hommes français

Julie Hibbard said...

Ooh la la!

Two First Names said...

Or he could text you... that could happen now.

Just fyi... i just dripped ice cream on my keyboard as I was typing this and then ate it off of the computer complete with the slurping noise.

Do you miss my coolness?

P.E.A.S.E. Plan 2.0 said...

Did you know how to spell the title without looking it up?

Mama Oasis said...


PETE Di LALLO said...

S'il vous plait,
how about a new post?
I'm really tired of looking at this guy!