Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Love My Mummy

My mom is my biggest fan.
My mom totally loves me...and she constantly tells me how much.
My mom is so proud of me...she alternates that with the "I love you" messages.

I love my mom.
I try to tell her I love her equally as many times as she says it, but I don't know if I can match it.
I am so proud of my mom...for being a great mom at a young age, for graduating college the year I graduated from high school, for being kind and loving, and for being willing to step out of her comfort zone and care about the world around her.

I was telling someone today that I am excited for Kenya because I know that my mom's heart is really opened to the idea of doing ministry in Kenya, not just watching and living vicariously through the ministry of others...

So, I love you mama. I'm really proud of who you are...and I thank you for helping me (everyday) become more and more of who I am and will grow in to.


Eliane said...

and she LOVES you so so much and is so so PROUD of you.
Btw, your Mom and you are so much alike it's incredible!!!

Julie Hibbard said...

Wow...starting the day with tears running down my face.
It's been a privilege and a PLEASURE to be your Mummy.
I AM ready to see what God has in store for ME in Kenya. And grateful that YOU have encouraged me to do so!
PS Love the title of the post.
I almost called my Wallflowers post, "What's a Jakob?"
Love you so much!