Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I've Got No Strings...

In a few weeks, the Student Ministries staff is headed to a conference in Georgia.
So, I have been researching places to go for meals, as well as some stuff to do in the pre- and post- conference time.

I am probably the worst person they could have asked to help with this.
Here's why:

I love to visit the sites that no one else wants to see.
Why visit the "Places to See Before You Die" locations just because everyone else says they are the "places to see"?

I would rather go to the unloved when my mom and I went to Miniature World in Victoria.

These are the places I want to visit in Georgia:

I'm taking an under-the-radar poll at work to see who might be interested in accompanying me...but, I'm going to the Puppetry Center...even if I go alone.


Bethany said...

I will go with you to the museum, but if I get attacked by a creepy puppet I will be so mad at you!

neely mcqueen said...

the home of MLK would be sweet...please go and take some pictures.

Josh(ua) Treece said...

I would like to recommend The World of Coca-Cola and The Varsity. And, knowing you, I think you'd love The Underground. Check them out.