Friday, March 21, 2008

Wow...Too Many Posts Today...

Here's what I've done so far...These will be done soon...

1. Make a mosaic table
2. Have my very first Christmas tree, stockings, and Christmas morning at my own house
3. Get some students to think about their community and the world around them
4. Learn to speak a foreign language
5. Visit London
6. Watch a movie in an LA Cemetery (Cinespia)
7. Relax
8. Make a trifle
9. Take dance lessons
10. Be a good small group leader
11. Go indoor sky-diving
12. Learn to use a sewing machine
13. Ride in a helicopter
14. Spend the night at Montage
15. Go to baseball games at Fenway Park and Wrigley Field
16. Watch 3 full series of TV on DVD
17. Learn to play the guitar
18. Work with Habitat for Humanity
19. Buy a pair of Christian Louboutins
20. Apply for graduate school
21. Learn to cook (well, I can cook some things...I'm still learning)
22. Visit Kenya
23. Be a good friend
24. Get a full-body massage
25. Visit the Grand Canyon

Not too shabby...any one want to help accomplish the others? I only have 7 months left!


Julie Hibbard said...

Put me down for Fenway and Wrigley!

Jess said...

I'm signing up for the film at the cemetery!

Ange said...

I'm in for #6, 9, and 25!!!

neely mcqueen said...

i've taken a few hip hop classes this year...didn't really learn much but had lots of good laughs!

kevin & rachel denham said...

we should go on a helicopter ride.

t shann said...

l call the indoor skydiving and cemetery movie watching.

Bethany said...

Does hip hop class at 24 Hour Fitness count? They also have Salsa and Cowboy Boogie...I'd be down for any/all of them!

If those don't count, just let me know when and where we are taking dance lessons and I will be there!

PETE Di LALLO said...

You sang so beautifully last night!

A trifle:
Bum makes a terrific tasting trifle but because you're semi-British I bet you don't need any help...
if you don't need help will you please ask her to make one for me!!!it's been YEARS...

Kendra said...

I know how to use a sewing machine.

Kayla Rae said...

Mosaic table-making?
Sounds great, let's do it!

yeahyeahyazz said...

I am just curious as to how christian louboutin and kenya go together.... :-)