Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Could Be Your Hero, Baby

Today was Droopy Day...since it's Spring Break, we spent an afternoon eating and competing in a video scavenger hunt. (I'll link to the videos once they are posted.)

Since a few of the boys had read my post about mind-reading, we chatted a bit about what our preferred super-powers would be...

I said, I would love to be invisible...
and I would wear a cape (only because they are so in style these days)
My weakness: liquid (I can't be invisible in water)

Devon decided he would be telepathic.

Tyler would be telekinetic.

Kyle would fly. (And rescue me from my nemesis by flying me over water)

Wow...what a nerdy conversation...but full of laughter...thanks for the fun, guys!


Jess said...

I totally had this conversation with my small fun!

Wes said...

that is so true. i suck at fighting. when i was a little kid all my friends were in tae kwan do or karate but i was too poor, so i told my friends that i took lessons in street fighting.