Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Zed's Dead, Baby. Zed's Dead.

Zed died over the weekend. I forgot to feed him (which says a lot for my parenting skills). His funeral service was scheduled for today at noon.
Dominik invited us to attend:

Zed is dead. He had a short but fulfilling life. To celebrate his life and death we are going to have a short service at the side of the office building at 12.
You can bring flowers and pot luck is to follow. Please bring an item.
In love and grieving,

So, we prepared ourselves to celebrate life.

Allison made flowers:

Bethany made a fish-size coffin:

Dom spent a few minutes alone with Zed:

Dom fished Zed out of the tank while we sang "Oh, Artie Boy":

Alanna was ready with a rubber glove to ensure proper keeping in the coffin:

Dom had set-up a lovely burial plot, over-looking the parking lot, with a view of the new Student Zone:

Matt Hall shared a few words, including "Z is for Z-amazing times we had together..."
Then Dominik sang a song for Zed, "...I've never been more homesick..."

Using a frisbee (Zed's favorite activity), Dom buried the coffin:

We laid flowers and said out final goodbyes:

Here is a photo of the mourners taken shortly after a verse and chorus of "I Can Only Imagine" (Bethany and I were wearing paper hats, but that's for another post):

We shared one final moment of silence and moved on to the potluck at Corner Bakery:

R.I.P. Zed.
You will live forever in our hearts.


Two First Names said...

I am so sad I was not there to celebrate his life. I mean I was there from the beginning. Heartbreaking.

On a lighter note... this was the most amazing post of all time. Congrats, and I have missed you, let's hang out tomorrow night?

Courtney said...

BAAAHHHHHH "Oh, Artie Boy"....FRICKING amazing. And that is why we are friends.

joshpease said...

What a bad freaking day to be out of the office ...

Josh Peters said...

RED RUM, RED RUM! I hope there will be a full investigation into this MURDER!

Julie Hibbard said...

You guys are seriously HILARIOUS! You should TRULY have your own Reality Show! People would LOVE this stuff!
Z Amazing times we had??

Jess said...

I love "Oh, Artie Boy"...

this post is amazing...

really, it is.

Courtney said...

seriously, I've thought about this post and giggles to myself several times already today! We really need to hang out soon!

Ryanne said...

I am so sad for Zed, but I really wish I was there for the ceremony. I can't believe I missed it.

PETE Di LALLO said...

Saddest thing I ever saw!
I'll say a few Hail Mary's for.........it!

PETE Di LALLO said...

Continuing my comment...had to answer the phone:

I am sorry I couldn't be with you to attend Zed'd service and more so to celebrate his life...your loss is shared by all of us in the family and all those people who Zed's life touched in one way or another.

adam said...

wow. you guys work less than i do.

Bethany said...

You keep that hat a secret, my friend! I give you permission to blog about it on new years day 2009. Until then, that is our little secret!

Luke St.Hilaire said...

zed would of been proud

who would of thought not feeding something for a few days means it would die. thats why kids are so much easier. you dont have to feed them for weeks and they're fine

007 said...

(sniffle sniffle)

poor Zed!! i feel so bad!

but anyway, that post was so funny! you are so clever!!

Erin said...

Two things:
1. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Though I have never met the little guy, I'm sure he was great.
2. I am sitting in Beg Personal Finance Something (I still don't even know what this class is called)and I almost peed my pants. I had to try so freaking hard NOT to laugh. You all are fantastic. Yes, that is what I think. You are so creative, I really had to keep my laughter to myself.

I love you, Allison :)