Friday, February 29, 2008


How long do you wait before you add someone to your Top Friends?

Do you only add them if they add you?

Do you always move your crush in to the Top?

What makes you decide to move someone up?


The Josh said...

i do not add everyone who adds me, but i do add ppl who dont add me.
If I actually know someone, i do add them(at least in facebook) AS for my crush, that depends. Sometimes yes, other times no.

I move someone if ive been seeing them more.
myspace top=best/really good friends

Facebook=friends arranged by how much i interact and if i actually like them =p

ps-its creepy tho if u dont really know someone add they add u as a top friend

elise.marie☮ said...

i dont think i really wait to move someone up but if i feel like we have grown closer i will move them up. i dont only add them when they add me, but i will probably take them off soon because i worry that they will think i am obbsessive or something ((:

i dont move my crush to the top, and i decide to move someone up if we along great, becoming better friends, or if they make me laugh a lot!

Kurt Johnston said...

I'm not a fan of the top friends feature. Not sure why, really, but just don't dig it. I guess I don't want another thing on my facebook page to update.

but that's just a 42 year old dude trying to be cool by having a facebook page talkin'.