Sunday, February 10, 2008

Open-Ended Letter to Fergie

Dear Fergie,
You are only famous for making music worth dancing to (in more realistic terms "music to 'shake it' to).
You are not a good singer.
You distracted from John Legend's piano playing tonight and, for that, you should be ashamed.
He's way more talented then you could ever hope to be.
Your fan (but only for a few songs),


joshpease said...

As this letter is "open ended" (implying, I believe, the freedom to add to it) ...

Dear Fergie, please stop using the phrase "lovely lady lumps." I know you think it's clever that all those words start with "l" but any lame-brained loquacious lunatic can use alliteration ...

Also "lovely lady lumps" is self-contradictory as the phrase is inherently "un-lovely" and makes me cringe.

Josh (non-fan of you, big fan of John Legend)

Julie Hibbard said...

Fergie, you didn't even LOOK good tonight. You look ragged. And you sounded horrible. Did you NOT hear the music playing? Could you not keep up? Poor John didn't know what to do.
Big girls DO indeed cry, made me shed tears tonight...for Mr. Legend.

Gina said...

The only thing going for her is that she has a smoking hot boyfriend. I do have her CD and like some of the songs, but she is truly talent-less.

Ange said...

omg I was thinking the same thing when I watched it!!!

PS. Fergie, please don't spell anything anymore. We know you always wanted to be a part of Scripp's Spelling Bee, but this is taking it way too far.

kevin & rachel denham said...

this blog entry makes me proud to have a cousin who is your best friend.

Chris T. said...

Was she singing? I didn't notice!