Tuesday, February 12, 2008

National Pancake Day

Today, February 13th, is National Pancake Day. In celebration of this holiday, IHOP was giving away free pancakes! (Well, free short stacks of pancakes) I had heard about this day of generosity on a commercial last week, so the JH team had our Tuesday team lunch there.

Bethany and I ordered delicious chocolaty beverages (hot chocolate and chocolate milk, respectively--though my milk was a little sour, so I traded it in for some Coke)

All six of us ordered a short stack and a few sides (cottage cheese, hash browns, bacon...oh, and Jaime ordered a BLT with onion rings as his "side"). Look how excited Matt Hall is!

Matt and Kurt told Jaime they didn't think he couldn't eat it all...Here he is at the start.

Jaime thought he was finished, with only a few bites left...but then he powered through and spent the next five minutes asking if I would throw up if he threw up on me first...I said I wasn't sure. I would probably throw up, but I would definitely be mad that I was covered in puke.

All in all, tasty food and a lot of fun...Mark your calendars for Pancake Day 2009!


Jess said...

Oh...I really love free food!

Gina said...

I love panclarks. I would have taken the boys there for dinner if I had known that.

Julie Hibbard said...

I'll mark my calendar for next year! Pancakes are yummy and I bet FREE ones are even better!!