Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kenya Planning Part 2

I met with Steve Rutenbar today to talk though some details for the trip.
We will leave sometime around July 22...and return sometime around February 20.
(There are at least three of us going for six months and at least two more traveling along with us to help make the 'settling in' easier)

Today I was able to get details on insurance, emergency evacuations, internet, banking, flights, visas, immunizations, malaria pills, laundry, food and water. Good news: they sell Kraft Mac and Cheese and Jiffy peanut butter in stores in Kitale! Hooray! AND Mary, who is one of the home care-takers runs a chicken business so I won't have to kill and pluck chickens to eat! (Which is a total answer to prayer)

I'm planning to write my support letter on my 10-hour travel to Cincinnati tomorrow...

I'll continue to update as plans solidify...please keep praying for safety and peace in Kenya!


Jess said...

I'm really excited for you!

Ryan said...

When I am older that is exactly what I want to do. Your in my prayers.