Monday, February 11, 2008

A C.D. for V.D.

I'm making a Valentine's CD...for many reasons.
Mostly because I love to make CDs.
Also because I have a Valentine's date this year...and I'd like to impress him a bit.
And because I've had "You and I" (by Crystal Gayle and Eddie Rabbitt) stuck in my head for the last week...I have no idea why. (I do remember that it was the song at my Aunt Gina and Uncle Mike's wedding...but I was, not even 7-years-old, and I absolutely remember every word to this song because of that day...SO weird)

What song just has to be on this Valentine mix?


Julie Hibbard said...

"At Last" love has come along!! I think this is THE most romantic song and CAN'T WAIT dance to it some day with MY Valentine!
On a more realistic note, I will be working a dinner at the hotel on Valentine's night. I offered.

Julie Hibbard said...

PS GREAT title!

Allison Murray said...

VD really???

Chris T (alanna's mom) said...

LO, LO, LO.....L.O.V.E. of course, by Ashlee Simpson!!!

Gina said...

Funny you had that song in your head. Yesterday was the anniversary of my wedding. Feb.11
I hate that song. But you were very cute in my wedding.

Courtney said...

Till Kingdom Come- Coldplay

and please don't call Valentines Day VD...although I'm sure it's the most popular date that people contract a VD. HAA

Wes said...

jon svensson wanted me to let you know he is making his cheesecake for our house group tonight. he said you would be jealous.

jayy said...

You and Me, by Lifehouse (:
it's a good one.

Ohh. and that song;;
gahh..i forget who sings it..
it's called I'll be.
it goes kinda like this.
and i'lllllll beeeee, you're crying shoulderrrr,
blah blah blah.
i'll be the greatest man of you lifeeeee.
sorta like that..i don't even know if those are the right lyrics or not though.. (:

Heather McTaggart said...

Will we get "date" details after? Can't wait!!!