Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I've Noticed I Hate These Things:

* Air Quotes

* The use of the word "devo" as an abbrev to "devotion"

* Camp Recreation (not in its entirety...mostly the incessant spirit cheering)


Heather McTaggart said... hubby's nick name is Devo and it goes way back to a lot of concerts and stuck! We still love him RIGHT???!!! Remember he does the grilling of your food! HA

Julie Hibbard said...

Air quotes CAN be used properly. I have seen Josh Peters use them appropriately. No one else tho.
Devo--and most shortened words--bug me too. (Well, not jammies or dimy)
Recreation in general--whether at camp or at home--is not on my love list for sure.
I guess you got that from me.

Matt Jensen said...

spirit sucks.

Allie said...

I agree.

Angerson said...

How about the word "convo" for conversation? Camp rec is good for people who don't give a crap what they look like in awkward attempts at awkward games. And for those people who are competitive at EVERYTHING they do. Games like broomball, rolling the large ball into the goal, eating games, gross food games...etc. I never participated in games at camp.

Brent said...

How can you not like "air quotes"?