Saturday, July 14, 2007

What Kind Of Ship Never Sinks?

I've been thinking. If I were to get married right now, I would have a huge wedding party. In my entire life I've had, maybe, 3 or 4 really good friends at one time...right now I have about 12.

I love how quickly a friendship can quickly you can be connected to someone.

The best part of this is how eclectic my collection of bridesmaids would be: they range from 13 to 40-ish, and have known me anywhere from six months to 15-years.

Note: I feel the need to state that I am, in no way, feeling as though I will be married soon...but, seeing as I am a girl, I can't help but think about these sorts of things.

(A note on the note: I wrote that entire paragraph while hearing it said in a British accent in my head...try works!)

Who would be in your wedding?


kaylarayla said...

That's a hard one, there are so many people to choose from, maybe I can just have a wedding party of about 30...and then be in debt for my entire married life.

Julie Hibbard said...

I want my wedding to be ME and one beautiful kind man. That's it.

Kate E said...

I love that you feel surrounded by close friends right now...that is such a great feeling!

You are my only wedding party regret...I wish you had been one of my bridesmaids! But your singing made my day super special!

Love your wedding guts.

Heather McTaggart said...

I had my best friends, they were amazing! We had 340 people at our wedding, it's our biggest regret! Seriously, it was TOO many people to make the "rounds" to talk to in one evening! Telling our children..small is good!

Allie said...