Wednesday, July 11, 2007

SLC Day 2:Three sessions, two workshops and a Be-harmony

This morning, Griff turned "who will play this game" in to "which of these boys would that partner-less girl care to marry?" Micah won...He won a sweet date...Hopefully there will be video evidence.

Students had the opportunity to attend two (of two dozen) workshops this afternoon. I briefly heard Allison Murray, Chip, Elizabeth and a few others. I sat through Phil Shinners' (who is one of my favorite people ever).

I had lunch with the Maguires (also some of my favorites)...

Here is the only picture of the actual sessions...but here's a quick recap: Taco Bell Olympics (taquito javelin, crunch wrap discus, cinnamon twist shotput, Mountain Dew chug), Street Smarts: Youth Leader Edition, Jeff Maguire, Kay Warren, Matt McGill, a video-testimony of "passing the baton" of leadership through fellowship...great day!

Tomorrow morning is the debut of the newest rap video...the video that gave me this:


Heather McTaggart said...

ouch! That looks painful! I think that looks like ummm...let me think...4 days off of work to fix up your new place, hang by the pool and heal?

Jaime said...

I think that's going to land you some dates.