Thursday, July 26, 2007

School Supplies

Tonight I went shopping at Target...I was by myself, so I took my time...I wandered up and down the aisles looking at everything...

When I got to the school supplies, I stopped to smell a folder.

I love the smell of fresh binders; don't they smell like comfort?

Do you remember the days of buying a fresh new binder, pencil pouch (which I never actually used), eraser/pencil combination...I would go home and organize everything so it would be just right for my first day. Lined paper, dividers, highlighters...

In those days there were no other thoughts...everything revolved around school starting...who would be my teachers? my friends? would I be well-liked? picked last? would I embarrass myself by not knowing that Nine Inch Nails was a new band? (that last one really happened)

That was it. I miss those days...Most people say they would never go back, but I a heartbeat. I loved school...I loved learning and laughing and hanging out during snack. I loved the small responsibilities and the knowledge that my parents would never let any harm come to me (which I know is still true, but is less obvious now)

As all of these thoughts rushed around in my head, I realized that I was standing in Target, sniffing a binder...the mom with her two backpack-choosing kids was staring at me.

I put the binder back on the shelf and walked away thinking about my third grade class.


Julie Hibbard said...

There are tears in my eyes. I am remembering you, as a third grader, picking out a folder.
I think it was New Kids on the Block.
You are SUCH a good writer!!

jae.jae said...

I love new school suppies! After reading this post, I will now embrace buying them from now on (:

Allison Murray said...

remember when you had this moment AGAIN by my desk today???
hahahaha. so great.

TS Harrison said...

Weird. I actually hated shopping for school supplies and getting new school supplies.
Growing up (and I suppose even today) that the reason being is this:
My birthday (Aug 21) was right before the start of the new school year and I almost always received the supplies as presents.

Although there was that Dukes of Hazards metal lunch box with thermos, but that was in preschool. Does that count?