Monday, July 02, 2007

My Mom is The Best

My mom met a bunch of us for dinner tonight at Lucille's.
One thing you can count on from Julie: photos.

We had to stop and pick up cars from the church and by the time I got home, she had already posted about dinner--with photos. Check them out...very fun!


ali said...

i hope he reads your blog and sees this.
i also hope he decides i'm brilliant and takes my advice.
or i hope that you two are already dating and i'm just behind the times.
oh, and i hope you don't delete this comment.

Brian Forsberg said...

I love that place. Passion is being cancelled due to low attendance. They are moving the "younger" feel to the 6:30 Sunday service in the Worship Center. So sad.

Pete Di Lallo said...

We've been telling you for years your Mom is the best...
you better believe it...

Joshua Griffin said...

I agree with Ali.


word verification: ksmfks

Hayden Copes said...

third that. k cool

mainerrr said...

i went there in egypt, kinda funny i think
i miss a hib!