Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Morning Google Search

How cool is it that in a matter of seconds you can find a mariachi band within driving distance from your house?

Yet another thing that I love about my job...the apparent need for a mariachi band.


Pete Di Lallo said...

It's very cool Alli...
doesn't take much to make your 'work' a happy place...
Google away...

p.s. I heart ya!

TS Harrison said...

Here in San Antonio, (or SA-Town as I call it, not that I'm recommending that you call it that. It's not caught on yet. People look at me odd.) when looking for a mariachi band we don't google. Instead we just go to lunch. There's a band at just about every restuarant.
Actually I have a friend who plays trumpet and sings in a mariachi band.
Huh...I guess I had not realized how God has blessed my life this way.
That's my praise report this week.
Jesus saves me from having to divert previous googling opportunities by avoiding the mariachi search.